London Book Fair 2018

It's the London Book Fair next week. Peter and Jeff will be attending, alongside Louisa Pritchard, who handles our translation rights. Together we've a full schedule of meetings with more than a hundred publishers and editors from around the world.

Happily, we've several exciting new titles in the works with which to entice everyone, including dispatches from the cutting edge of heart surgery, anthologies of the best science and maths writing from Quanta magazine, surprising insider tales from the vanishing world of observational astronomy, a user's day-to-day guide to Stoicism and the extraordinary story of Wall Funk – the female aviation pioneer who is due to feature in a 'Mercury 13' docudrama series from Netflix in April.

The fair runs from 10 to 12 April, and you'll be able to find the Science Factory at table 34e and Louisa Pritchard Associates at table 34f in the International Rights Centre.

You can also view and download a high-res edition of our London Book Fair 2018 catalogue by clicking here. To print the rights list or store it on your computer, you will need to register with Issuu at