90,000 words/2020 — World English Language (MIT Press)

90,000 words/2020 — World English Language (MIT Press)

Keep Calm and Log On

The Complete Survival Guide to Fake News, Identity Theft, Online Addiction, FOMO, and More
Gillian Andrews

A civilian handbook to living through the digital revolution without getting trampled.

There are no established Geneva Conventions to protect bystanders in cyberwarfare; it’s time for each of us to understand our individual roles in fighting for security, privacy and peace of mind.

As Gillian Andrews shows, we can draw on historical civilian wartime activities such as growing victory gardens and fighting propaganda to provide inspiration for concrete tips and tactics to protect our information, our possessions and our peace of mind. Along the way, she goes beyond our own garden borders to show what we all can do to help the global digital security effort.

Through mindfulness exercises, explorations of media history, and media literacy activities, readers will build strength and courage to fight everything from cybercrime to fake news, online addiction to domestic violence.

The book contains activities, charts and lists to make it easy for readers to apply this knowledge to their daily life, and beautiful public-domain posters from civilian efforts during the First and Second World Wars illustrate how everyday folks have always pitched in during tough times. A companion website, www.keepcalmlogon.com, gives specific, regularly updated technical recommendations, while the book itself sticks to time-tested, timeless skills and techniques.

You weren’t born knowing these skills – nobody was! But you can train up and learn them. And you may feel like one insignificant person, but if you come together with your neighbours, colleagues and loved ones, you can do your part to defend yourself and your community. And even keep your spirits up, in the face of it all.