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Daniel Bor

Daniel Bor is a neuroscientist based at the University of Cambridge. He received his BA in psychology and philosophy from Balliol College, University of Oxford, in 1997, and his PhD in cognitive neuroscience from St John’s College, University of Cambridge, in 2002. He has published research in various fields, including how the brain processes consciousness, attention, memory and intelligence, and the extent to which mental training can boost cognitive performance or even change how we perceive the world.  As well as writing The Ravenous Brain (Basic Books, 2012), he is co-author of 30-Second Brain (Icon, 2014). He has written articles on neuroscience and psychology for various popular magazines including Scientific American Mind, New Scientist, Slate and Wired UK. He has also appeared on various radio shows to talk about neuroscience and has given many public talks including at the Science Museum and the Royal Institution in London.