'Everyone – including climate skeptics! – ought to read this book. With wit and verve, it explains why every arguments in the climate skeptics’ handbook is – to put it politely – wrong' – Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction 

224 pages/2014 – World English Language (The Experiment) 

224 pages/2014 – World English Language (The Experiment) 

How to Change Minds About Our Changing Climate

Seth Darling and Douglas Sisterson

Let science do the talking the next time someone tries to tell you...
• the climate isn’t changing
• global warming is actually a good thing
• climate change is natural, not man-made
and other arguments it’s time to end for good

An essential climate-debate handbook that puts the irrefutable science supporting human-caused climate change at your fingertips.

Have you heard that global warming is simply the result of natural cycles? Or that scientists are split on whether humans are affecting the climate?

More important, do you have a firm grasp of the science that emphatically refutes these claims? The evidence exists, and it’s long been decisive, but do you know your science well enough to have it at the ready the next time you’ve been put on the spot by a climate-change sceptic?

At last, this is the handbook to end the debate – here to prepare you with not only science’s strongest arguments but also the best ways to deploy them to change sceptics’ minds. Seth Darling and Doug Sisterson, leading energy-and-climate researchers and science communicators, dismantle all the most pernicious misconceptions with easy-to-understand explanations so that, once and for all, we can agree that climate change is a real and significant threat to our well-being, and then start to do something about it.