Menno Schilthuizen

Menno Schilthuizen is an evolutionary biologist, author and speaker. He is a senior researcher at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center – the Dutch national natural history museum – in Leiden, the Netherlands. He is also a professor of evolution and biodiversity at Leiden University. He received his PhD from Leiden University in 1994, obtained two postdoctoral fellowships at Wageningen University and then spent seven years in Malaysian Borneo as associate professor at the Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation.  His research on the evolution and ecology of land snails and insects takes him to forests, caves and other wild places all over the world, but he is also passionate about popularizing his work through talks and lectures, the scientific travel organization Taxon Expeditions and articles for international media such as New Scientist, Science, ScienceNOW, the New York Times and Time. The author of several books for the general public, he makes frequent appearances on radio and television.