Do you deal with academic publishers?

Yes, we do. Many of the top university presses have commercial lists that compete with those of the major trade houses. And there are situations where they not only can offer bigger advances than any of those houses, but also can publish your work better – more rigorous editing, higher production standards, more energetic and focused marketing and publicity.

We may also be willing to negotiate advances and contracts for scientific textbooks especially by authors who currently teach or have taught the course. These contracts tend to be more involved than trade book contracts, covering highly variable royalties, complex advance payouts, future revised editions, foreign editions, ancillary materials, permissions, grants and more.

We take on authors of science-related dissertations usually only if we believe that their work can be revised into a book for the general reader. We may also represent them to university presses for publication of the dissertation if we believe that their future books will have broader commercial appeal.