What is my book worth?

No one knows until you've tested the water.

Much depends on the market conditions, the perceived competition and the whims of individual publishers – most editors are not in a hurry to buy anything so your proposal needs to make them sit up and take notice right away.

As to the size of the initial advance, this can range anywhere from a low four-figure sum to a high six figures. Bear in mind that this is spread over several installments usually payable on signature of contract, on delivery of the manuscript and on hardback and sometimes paperback publication, too – in other words, possibly over several years.

That said, the initial advance should be seen as just the start of your potential earnings. Our aim is to create the best possible market for your project, usual first in the UK and the US and then in translation.

Once the initial UK or US deal has been secured, revenue from subsequent foreign sales can add up to a substantial amount. What’s more, further down the line, if your book does well and earns out its advance, then you can expect additional income to flow through to you from royalties.