What are your terms and conditions?

We require our authors to sign an agency agreement that spells out the details of the author–agent relationship. Under this agreement we: 

*Retain a 15 per cent commission on British Commonwealth sales and a 20 per cent commission on US, Canada, translation, audio, film and television sales. (For US and Canadian authors, the commission is 15 per cent for US and Canada sales, 20 per cent for UK and Commonwealth sales.)

*Pay the author's share of monies within 10 days of funds clearing. 

*Are entitled with the author's prior approval to receive reimbursement for the following expenses incurred in promoting or selling the author's work: (1) books and proofs bought for promotional purposes, subsidiary sales or submission to foreign publishers; (2) international shipping of book and proof submissions to foreign publishers; (3) special delivery or payment expenses; (4) photocopying of manuscripts and sales material such as press cuttings where email submission is not possible or desirable; (5) messengers and couriers; (6) approved legal expenses; and (7) other unusual or extraordinary expenses that may be incurred. 

*Do not charge the author for expenses incurred in the normal operation of a business office such as administrative, postage, telephone, fax or other overhead costs. Applicable expense charges are accrued to the author's account and reimbursed from any publisher payments due to the author. Reimbursed deductions are itemized and supported by receipts. 

*Charge VAT on commission (net of any payments made to subagents or co-agents) at the prevailing German rate (this applies only to authors taxable in the European Union).

Please note that we never charge an author for commission until a contract is agreed and signed by the author: that is, we don’t earn until the author does.