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P. D. Smith

P. D. Smith is an independent researcher and writer. As well as his two most recent books, City and Doomsday Men, he is the author of a short biography of Einstein and an academic study of science in German literature. He is now working on his fifth book, Watching the Detectives, a global study of urban crime and detection in fact and fiction, spanning some 250 years. In 1997 he was granted a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, which allowed him to continue his research on science in culture while teaching at University College London. He is currently an honorary research associate in UCL’s Department of Science and Technology Studies. Since 2006 he has regularly reviewed paperback nonfiction for the Guardian. He has also written and reviewed for the Times, Wired, the Independent, the Financial Times, Icon and the Times Literary Supplement. A keen photographer, he illustrated a book on Writers in Sussex written by his father. He lives in Winchester.