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Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas is the co-editor of Plus magazine, an online forum for the general public that publishes articles from the world's top mathematicians and science writers on topics as diverse as art, medicine, cosmology and sport. Before joining Plus, she was a maths consultant in Australia working for government and industry. She obtained her MSc in semigroup theory in 1998 from the University of Western Australia. She has edited the Gazette of the Australian Maths Society, developed and taught science-writing workshops for graduate students, and worked on the University of Oxford's Maths in the City project creating mathematical walking tours of London and Oxford and a virtual mathematical tour guide of the world. Together with Marianne Freiberger she has co-authored the popular maths books Numericon (Quercus, 2014) and Maths Squared (Quarto, 2016) and was editor on the book 50: Visions of Mathematics (Oxford University Press, 2014).